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The Much Prayer™ System of products and information are inspired to fulfill this multi-fold purpose of

  1. reminding persons to pray by placing these products in strategic places
  2. encouraging/inspiring a mindset of prayer
  3. giving us prayer tools to help focus, encourage, educate, and facilitate nurturing intimacy with God.
  4. Sharing testimony about answered prayer petitions.


We are to be persistent (diligent) in prayer, putting God first, and nurturing our relationship and intimacy with Him.  Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us to rejoice in the Lord always and pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God for us.

Jesus in Luke 18:1 gives us an example of persistence in prayer where He says “Men(people) ought always pray and not faint (or not lose heart)” and He goes on the give the parable of the persistent widow who would not be denied and continue to press for what she needed from her overseer.


Inspired by the word of the Lord, the Much Prayer™ products are inspired to encourage prayer.  The newsletter shares information concerning victory in prayer and information about various prayer groups and events which may be available to help one’s prayer life.


Inspiration behind the Much Prayer™ System

The Much Prayer™ System was inspired to Bishop Bryant after a trip to Israel in February 2012.  A month after returning from the Israel trip Bishop Bryant was inspired to arise very early in the morning; go to his church; make an altar spend many hours in early morning prayer, bible reading, meditation, and devotion on his knees in humble submission on a daily basis.  Kneeling in prayer is Bishop Bryant’s preferred position in prayer.  An extended time of kneeling on the knees caused a measure of discomfort and distraction in prayer.  A folded terry towel was used to help avoid the discomfort and distraction.  It was out of this condition and position that the vision came for the prayer pad.  After several weeks of following this leading to early morning prayer at the church, the vision for the prayer pad became stronger and clearer and Bishop sketched out on paper what the prayer pad that was birthed in his spirit would look like and how it would work.  The prayer pad sketch became a focus of prayer in terms what should be done with it.  Bishop Bryant was led to a long time friend who had the facilities and capability to produce a prototype of the prayer pad.  In prayer and faith the prayer pad was refined to become more than just an instrument to reduce discomfort to the knees during prayer, but a tool to facilitate greater intimacy with God through searching the scriptures about men and women of the bible and their prayer life.  Many of the men of the bible spent their time of prayer and supplication on their knees and/or face before God: honoring, reverencing, praising, and worshipping Him.  Bishop Bryant continues his quest for divine guidance in early morning prayer on his knees at the altar on the inspired prayer pad.  From this position the other much prayer products were birthed from the divine connection.  Several years earlier, a prophetic word was spoken over Bishop Bryant and his wife about what God would do in his life.  They both embraced the prophetic word but had no idea how it would be brought to fruition.  They continued diligently in the spiritual work which had been assigned to their hands and trusted/waited on God to bring about that which had been spoken into their life.  It is Bishop Bryant’s prayer for each person who acquires or even desires to acquire one or more of these products, whether through a direct purchase or through a gift, that it would be a spiritual blessing and draw the owner of the product into a closer relationship with God and that our great God of all creation would stir up the natural and spiritual gift(s) in each person for His glory.

As the vision was acted upon the prayer pad, inspiration was given to refine it and other products including the prayer sash and prayer stole were birthed and brought forth. New products have been introduced to the Muchprayer System to broaden the prayer outreach and awareness in the prayerlife of the believer.  These products include the pillow, bed, and table sashes.  Lord willing, other products will be revealed in the weeks and months to come.

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